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Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks
Author Stewart and Perona
Publisher Blue River Press
EAN/ISBN-13 Code 9781935628293
ISBN 1935628291
cpgID BD28293
Published 10/01/2013
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Now Available! Those who have never lived in Indiana (and occasionally, those who do) have a difficult time grasping Hoosier Hysteria. Some describe it as a compulsion, others a fever, still others magic. All agree its a manic preoccupation that inflicts itself on Hoosiers during basketball season. From South Bend to Evansville, from Terre Haute to Richmond, basketball fans and players band together forsaking all else except getting the round ball in the netted hoop. All that matters is the game.

In Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks, the matters of the game can also turn deadly. This collection of seventeen mystery stories written by the Indiana Speed City Chapter of Sisters in Crime honors Indiana basketball and its rich tradition while weaving in the mischievous and sometimes lethal passions that can erupt when the state is gripped in b-ball fever. Tucked between the fictional stories are pages about real-life legendary Hoosier basketball players and coaches. For anyone who loves basketball, Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks is a slam dunk.

When it comes to Hoosier Hijinks, not everyone plays by the rules. And thats what makes it irresistible.- Hank Phillipi Ryan, Emmy Award-winning journalist and author of The Other Woman.

Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks is Edited by Brenda Stewart & Tony Perona - Brenda Robertson Stewart, a graduate of Indiana University, has been an English teacher, forensic artist, ghost writer, editor and author. Brenda penned Power in the Blood, the first in a forensic mystery series that was a finalist in the St. Martin's first novel contest. She has short stories published in numerous anthologies and was (along with Tony Perona) an editor for the Indy Racing themed anthology Racing Can Be Murder, a finalist for Best Book of Indiana 2008. Tony Perona is the author several stand along mysteries and of a mystery series featuring stay-at-home dad/freelance investigative reporter, Nick Bertetto, who has a knack for solving mysteries with a supernatural element. The three books in that series are Second Advent, Angels Whisper, and Saintly Remains. Other contributors (all members of the Speed City Indiana Chapter of Sisters in Crime), include: Sherita Saffer Campbell, Diana Catt, M. B. Dabney, Brandt Dodson, Terence Faherty, Sara Gerow, Sarah E. Glenn, Marianne Halbert, S.M Harding, Delonda (Dee) Hartmann, Suzanne Leiphart, M.E. May, Gwen Mayo, Barbara Swander Miller, Tony Perona, D.B. Reddick, Andrea Smith, and Brenda Robertson Stewart

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