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Timothy C. Baldwin
Tim Baldwin is the author of Aggravating Circumstances - a courtroom thriller based in Indianapolis. The lead character, Mitch Brooks, is an unproven rookie lawyer who is determined to become the greatest prosecutor in the city. His ambition lands him the leading role in the trial of a remorseless killer charged with the murders of a convenience store clerk and a police officer. In the biggest trial the city has seen in years, and with the prospect of his own career hanging in the balance, Mitch must overcome his own inexperience and the skill of a brilliant defense attorney to see that justice is done for two grieving families. As the trial draws near, Mitch relies on the wisdom of a gritty homicide detective who has been down this road before and the advice of veteran prosecutor who takes him under his wing. With single-minded determination and relentless preparation, he faces the ultimate test of his ability, all the while falling in love with a beautiful woman when love is the last thing on his mind. Tim works as a homicide prosecutor in Indianapolis.
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