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Barney: The Stray Beagle Who Became A TV Star and Stole Our Hearts


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Nominee, Best Book of Indiana. The greatest Barney moments, told by his faithful human sidekick  a book destined to make dog lovers laugh, cry, and howl at the moon. Running out the door one very cold morning in 1991, Indianapolis TV reporter Dick Wolfsie nearly tripped over a tiny beagle on his front doorstep. He welcomed the little stray into the house and rushed off to work. Eight hours later, Dick returned to a shredded couch, a well-gnawed pair of heels, mangled curtains and a damp rug. Dick’s wife issued an ultimatum:

Author: Dick Wolfsie
Publisher: Emmis Books
ISBN-13 Code: 9781578601677
ISBN: 1578601673


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