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Olivia Cavillian Sagamore, wealthy widow of a prominent mane, is eagerly awaiting the birth of her first grandchild. While on a Caribbean cruise she reunites with former prep school classmate, now network television personality, Levi Hamilton, and her life couldn’t be more perfect. The nirvana is shattered when Olivia’s daughter Jessica, eight months pregnant, is involved in a horrendous accident. Not only is the baby in jeopardy, but both of Jessica’s kidneys have failed and she desperately needs a transplant. While Jessica hovers near death the search for a suitable kidney donor continues and the hunt for a life-saving organ uncovers a dark secret that could tear many family lives apart. What does a network newsman do when he uncovers sensitive information that could affect the race for the highest office in the land?

Author: Chris Wright
Publisher: Bookman Publishing
ISBN-13 Code:
ISBN: 1594535442
Published: 01/03/2005

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