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Indiana Wines


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“John James Dufour arrived in America in 1796, looking for land to settle a colony of “vinedressers.” After first settling in Kentucky, the colony purchased land in the Indiana territory on the north bank of the Ohio River. Here, in the town they called Vevay, the Swiss winegrowers successfully produced America’s first commercial wines. In this richly anecdotal history of wine production in Indiana, John and James Butler relate a vintage story of early triumph, followed by precipitous decline, ending in present-day success.” Though the economic decline of the 1820s ended the first flowering of Indiana vineyards, John James Dufour continued his work and in 1826 published the first book written about American grape-growing and wine-making. Thereafter the heart of America’s wine production was centered near Cincinnati, Ohio. After that industry collapsed in the 1870s, small wineries could still be found scattered across southern Indiana. With the coming of prohibition, the idea of Indiana wine was lost. It was not until the passing of the “Small Winery” law in 1971 that wine-making began anew in the state. Today some 25 wineries, large and small, produce a wide variety of Indiana wine.

Author: John Butler
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN-13 Code: 9780253340368
ISBN: 0253340365


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