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Vermeer’s Daughter


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Best Adult Books for High School Students, School Library Journal, 2003. Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Best Selection for Young Adults, 2004. Young Carelina Vermeer, unlike most young girls of her day, was determined to be her own person, independent, and a painter like her beloved father, Johannes Vermeer. National YA prize-winning author Shoup has created a fictional portrait of the 17th-century world of the great Dutch artist Vermeer as seen through the eyes of his daughter, Carelina. Family relationships, daily life, and the artistic talents and aspirations of a young girl in the male-dominated art world make this beautifully told tale fascinating for young people. Fans of the nationally bestselling Girl with a Pearl Earring will enjoy this spirited and inspiring tale.

Author: Barbara Shoup
Publisher: Emmis Books
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ISBN: 1578601312


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