Retailers call 317-352-8200 to find out how to put a little Indiana on your shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

For Retailers: You can place orders during regular business hours by calling 317-352-8200 in Indianapolis, and 800-296-0481 in other areas. You can also email orders to customerservice at, or fax your orders to 317-352-8202.

For Individuals: We primarily service retail customers, but because we have some hard to find elsewhere books you can call during regular hours where we can either refer you to one of the retailers we service in your area, or take your order for those hard to find books or if there is no retailer in your area. We do accept all major credit cards and orders are processed within 48 hours.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is FREE for orders of 24 or more mixed copies. For orders of fewer than 20 copies shipping costs vary based on method, weight, and location. Call customer service at 317-352-8200 to get a quote.

What is your return policy?

Unless otherwise stated all books purchased from Indiana Book Supply returned in good condition up to one year from original invoice are fully returnable. We do not have any restocking or handling fees. Your account will automatically be credited for 100% of the purchase price. Cash for returns is allowed, but must be requested as most retailers will reorder. In Indianapolis and surrounding towns and cities retailers may qualify for free pick up of returns. Call us at 317-352-8200 to find out if your retail location qualifies. Indiana Book Supply will not refund shipping costs unless the product was received damaged and reported as damaged within ten days of receiving product.

What is your backorder policy?

Indiana Book Supply strives to always have its listed books in stock at the time of an order. On the occasion that we are out of stock on a chosen book listed on this website, we will hold the order for up to 14 days while we get the books in stock. If you wish us to backorder for a longer period, or not at all, you can specify your wishes at the time you place your order.

Do you service retail customers?

Yes, that is primarily what we do. You can find many of our books on sale at many retail locations around the state. If you are a retailer interested in carrying Indiana book products contact us at 317-352-8200 or 800-296-0481 and ask for an Indiana Book Supply representative. We service gift shops, bookstores, libraries, and schools.

Can you accept specialty orders?

You are always welcome to contact a customer service representative at 317-352-8200. If we can assist you we are happy to do so. We have access to most publishers and can find and supply many hard to find books. 

I am an aspiring author, what should I do now to be published?

We are very interested in helping up-and-coming Indiana authors become published. We know that taking that first step into the publishing world can seem daunting, and we welcome calls to 317-352-8200 or email to info at to tell us about your book and plans.  If there is a qualified staff member available we’ll take your call or respond to your email inquiry with what advice we might be able to offer.  We are all about supporting the written arts in Indiana and that of course begins by helping those producing the content – the authors.

I am a Publisher with a book to sell, how do I go about listing my book here?

As a leading repository of some of the best Indiana books available, we are always striving to develop a relationships that will help us supply new and exciting books to Indiana Book Supply retailers. Please contact Customer Service by calling 317-352-8200 or by email at us at info at

I can offer a service to the Indiana arts community, how can you help me?

We know that proper support and assistance is crucial to making the Indiana written arts community as strong as possible. If you are an Indiana based designer, artist, publicist, editor, or writer please make your introduction. We want to know you are out there and if freelance jobs are available we will let you know.

What is the Indiana Authors Showcase?

In years past Indiana Book Supply organizes a showcase of Indiana Authors at the Indiana State Fair. We use it as an opportunity to reach out beyond the bookstore readers that are already buying books and find new readers for Indiana authors.  It also serves as a fund raiser for the IMC-Public Library Foundation. It is always very popular with fair attendees, as well as being a perfect forum for the authors to promote their work. We no longer attend the Indiana State Fair, but if you would like to have a book fair at your event give us a call. We would be happy to consider the event.

Where do I go for information on something not found here?

A list of contacts for each department in the company can be found by clicking on the Contact link on the main homepage of this website.  We also suggest you visit your local library if you are not doing so already.  The local public library remains a cornerstone in the dissemination of knowledge and this is no less true concerning the written arts.

What is your mailing address?

Indiana Book Supply 2402 N. Shadeland Ave., Suite A Indianapolis, IN 46219