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1930s and 1940s…Pain and Pleasure: An Eyewitness to History


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Author Wendell Trogdon has combined news events with biographical detail to weave a fascinating review of two of the nation’s most significant decades. He makes the 1930s and 1940s come alive with stories about common folks and newsmakers and the events that made a nation weep, then rebound from each setback as only America can. He reviews the Great Depression and World War II, mixing anecdotes and his personal experiences of sadness and happiness. This is a book that will reawaken the memories of senior citizens. For younger readers it is history in a capsule form, easy to read, yet significantly detailed.

Author: Wendell Trogdon
Publisher: Backroads Press
ISBN-13 Code: 9780972403313
ISBN: 0972403310
Published: 01/01/2003


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