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Harvestfields of Death: The Twentieth Indiana Volunteers of Gettysburg


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Harvestfields Of Death: The Twentieth Indiana Volunteers Of Gettysburg is an impressively informative and well written history that has as its focus the men who fought for the Union cause in one of the Civil War’s most important battles. Formed by volunteers in resistance to the threat of Confederate invasion into Indiana and Ohio, the Twentieth Indiana Volunteers is the unit that fought valiantly in the lethal morass of the Seven Days battles, Second Manassas, and in the wheatfields of Gettysburg. Author Craig Dunn draws upon hundreds of private documents and a wealth of pictures to tell the remarkable story of individualist Hoosiers who “wrote their names in blood across the harvesfields of the Eastern theatre of war”. Harvestfields Of Death is a welcome and seminal contribution to Civil War Studies and highly commended to the attention of both academia, the Civil War buff, and the non-specialist general reader with a particular interest in the role that Indiana men played in defense of the Union and their home state.

Author: Craig L. Dunn
Publisher: Cardinal Publishers Group
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ISBN: 1578600391
Published: 07/09/1999

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