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Indiana Indiana


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“In the center of the country in the center of Indiana in the heart of the country, and down a long, dark hallway,” Noah Summers, a simple man who has led a far from simple life, sits before a flickering fire, drifting in and out of sleep. On this dark and lovely winter night, he sifts through the shards of his memories trying to make sense of a lifetime of psychic visions and his family’s tumultuous history on Indiana farmstead. Decades have passed since Noah first fell in love with Opal, a brilliant young woman with a penchant for flames. The couple lives together for forty-two idyllic days before Opal, overcome by her fiery inclinations, is obliged to leave. Noah, whose love never wavers over the long years that follow, finds himself forced to rely on her letters, his memories, and the strength of his family to sustain him. Written in a masterful elegiac style echoing Faulkner and Steinbeck, Indiana, Indiana is a compellingly and surreal American saga firmly grounded in Indiana landscape populated by farmers, drifters, sheriffs, and ministers, and overflowing with musical saws, fantastic storytellers, Indian burial mounds, hedge mazes, and appliances rusting in the fields.

Author: Laird Hunt
Publisher: Coffee House Press
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ISBN: 1566891442


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