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Oddball Indiana: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places


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There is more to Indiana than the Indy 500, interstate highways and basketball. The Hoosier State is filled with fascinating people, places, and things with unique and bizarre histories. Forget about cozy bed-and-breakfasts and bike trails through Brown County–Odd Ball Indiana takes you where you really want to go. Find these off-beat and outlandish sites not to be missed. The World’s Largest Stump, Oscar the Monster Turtle, Johnny Appleseed’s Grave, Square Donuts, Jim Jone’s Birthplace, Studebaker National Museum, Santa Claus Town, World’s First Traffic Light, and The Oz Museum.

Author: Jerome Pohlen
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN-13 Code: 9781613738498
ISBN: 1556524382


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