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Dog Dilemmas: Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems


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Meet Apache, an Irish setter who was petrified of birds. Whiskers, a Border collie who herded cats. And Noah, a toy poodle who took a bite out of the Maytag repairman’s backside. Discover how veterinarian Gary Sampson solved these and other problems of great pup-portions  and learn to resolve your own dog’s behavior issues at the same time.In Dog Dilemmas, Dr. Sampson uses real-life examples from his pet behavior practice to help you: understand the reason for your dog’s behavior, take simple, innovative steps to correct the problem, prevent future misbehaviors. Each chapter has a practical lesson you can apply to your own relationship with our dog. These stories will have you laughing along and, most important, will leave you a bit wiser when it comes to establishing appropriate behavior in your best friend.

Author: Gary Sampson and Dick Wolfsie
Publisher: Emmis Books
ISBN-13 Code: 9781578602261
ISBN: 0578602262


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