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Hoosier School-Master


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With 29 illustrations. American novelist and historian, Eggleston’s novels depicting early life in southern Indiana have been widely read. The Hoosier Schoolmaster was one of the first examples of American local realistic fiction. The novel begins: Want to be a schoolmaster, do you? You? Well, what would you do in Flat Crick deestrick, I’d like to know? Why, the boys have drive off the last two, and licked the one afore them like blazes. You might teach a summer school, when nothin’ but children come. But I ‘low it takes a right smart man to be schoolmaster in Flat Crick in the winter. They’d pitch you out of doors, sonny, neck and heels, afore Christmas.

Author: Edward Eggleston
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN-13 Code: 9780253203243
ISBN: 0253203244


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