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Cat Conundrums


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Meet Fritz, the cat who preferred his master’s blue flannel suit to the litter box. Otis, who hid her owner’s cigarettes and matches. And Honey, who expressed her boredom in a most unsavory way. In Cat Conundrums, cat owners will applaud Dr. Gary Sampson’s creative approach to solving even the most purr-plexing feline behavioral issues. Dr. Sampson uses real-life examples from his pet behavior practice to help you: understand the reason for your cat’s behavior, take simple, innovative steps to correct the problem, prevent future misbehaviors Each chapter has a practical lesson you can apply to your own relationship with your cat. These stories will have you laughing along, and most important, will leave you a bit wiser when it comes to establishing appropriate behavior in your best friend.

Author: Gary Sampson and Dick Wolsie
Publisher: Emmis Books
ISBN-13 Code: 9781578602278
ISBN: 1578602270


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