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Wolfsie in Sheep’s Clothing


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Dick Wolfsie is at it again. This time he ponders life’s little mysteries and annoyances: Where did all the size 36-30 pants go? Who keeps moving the gas tank from one side of his car to the other? Dick Wolfsie is widely heralded as Indiana’s funniest writer. He will make you laugh. A lot. And often. He has, as they say, a giftand it’s non-refundable, so he’s stuck with it. So welcome to Wolfsie’s world as he ruminates over life’s little mysteries and conundrums. This time he’s pondering the madness of our day-to-day existence: Why is there no cantalope juice? Wolfsie says baaa! to hamburgers without buns, to licorice as health food, and to miracles involving grilled cheese sandwiches. His ability to put a comic spin on virtually everything will make your day a little brighter.

Author: Dick Wolfsie
Publisher: Emmis Books
ISBN-13 Code:
ISBN: 157860236X
Published: 01/07/2005


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